Sunday, August 19, 2012

finding home on 125th St.

As i prance around dealing with my normal day to day responsibilities as a BG PA for X amount of months on a TV Show, I realize how many different places we go to.....from beaches to city ski scrappers in a week or months. We are the money machine gypsies, best we can be.....but non the less, its a job.

While on duty, we stumble upon the most amazing little lechonera I could ever find. Just like home minus the palm trees and the occasional "reggueton". Smells of glory, beans and roasted chicken....fried goodness...oh my. I was so exited that i just left set, left set. No care. I walked a block, and ate bought the best empanadilla I have ever had. So close to the real thing. Like the ones abuela makes from scratch...or now with age she semi home makes it. I ran back to set with my little beef empanadilla in its paper bag oozing its delicious grease around the bottom of it. It was amazing. So much so, I hid in a corner outside while I lock up the door to set and devoured this little thing that didn't know what she was about to encounter. It was like meeting your soulmate. This little empanadilla and I where one now.

We finally broke for lunch....I ran back, sat down in one of the 6 stools that faced the fake marble countertop and ordered the best lunch I have had in a long least since I was back home in Puerto Rico. Rice, beans, chicken, alcapurria and nice cold Malta India, the works. Heaven.

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