Friday, May 28, 2010

turn rain into caloric sunshine

Making cupcakes with my cupcake apron makes a rainy day, turn into pure caloric sunshine. In the words of Martha Stewart, lemon cupcakes with cream cheese frosting is very much a good thing.
Come on come all ;)

work in progress

This week has been good, got 3 gigs in a row slept very little and made myself useful.
Finished coordinating 2 commercials, work as a PA in 1 other. Saving up some cash to head to NY again....and start from scratch. I could honestly stay here and make my way in, but the challenge and my naiveness about NY seems to pull me to the East Coast. My memories of my stay in the village seem to have overpowered my sense of reality....atleast that what some people say. This is not a phase, it is real. Im leaving for good and making it happen on my own....hopefully.

This I guess, is the daydreamer part of me, that no matter where i am...NYC is on my mind.
But i do appreciate my everyday life in this island, the great company, my friends and my family, but it just comes a time where you have to break out.

DAY #1

Decided to start a blog.

Thougt bubble: "will see how it goes"