Thursday, July 5, 2012

lazy summer days...please dont end!

Thinking. what a thing! all this time to think and not to necessarily do.
Rekindling old projects that have been left in the back burner to simmer like pot roast have resurfaced. New energies and inspirations. Between the meeting with friends that I havent seen and taking the time for me, its been so far so good for this hiatus. I have the feeling that come monday morning i will be cursing the 5 am sky as a make my way to LIC. 


For now and wonderful dinner with my guy. Through a movie in the mix and I can call this day to and end...partially.


hiatus project #1: my succulent terrarium w/ Carlos the dinosaur.

Monday, July 2, 2012

my new favorite word.... hiatus.

After 2 years of various tv shows and day playing her and there..... I finally have a good well deserved week off. My current job, a nice and formidable tv show which has laughter and quite a good amount of jokes on set, has its season hiatus. I have never been so happy NOT to work. Will I suffer a weeks paycheck, yes. Will my right ear, where my lovely surveillance sits in for 12 to 14 hrs a day thank me for a quite non AD, BG or coffee related task....oh hell yes.

Enough said.

In order for me to act like a normal and decent human being I have, not planned, but loosely scheduled every day activities that I've neglected for a innumerable amount of months. Yes, cleaning my tiny brooklyn apartment, paying my student loans on time and watering my plants back to life are some of these life altering experiences ill be encountering this week.

Cooking. I dont even know what that means anymore. I made breakfast this morning. I was quite distress as a burned my 1st fried egg in 6 months. I have dishonored the egg kingdom by waisting a perfectly good organic egg and also tender 20 something ego. I am hurt. As my 2nd attempt was close to perfection, just like riding a bike, my culinary cooking thumb is sure to come back with its mojo anytime soon.

For now it is Monday, Day 1 Int. Lins Apt. - Hiatus Mode