Sunday, February 20, 2011

"if you have to leave, please lock the car and take the keys with you"

So, I finally met my match with our NYC cops. Yep, felt pretty badass riding on the back of that cop car.

"This is the only way I ever wanna be in one of these", I said to our MOVIE TV UNIT police officers, "with a walkie in hand and working". They laugh, while they turned on the sirens and made way for our rigged camera car coming right behind us. Six different types of coffee cups from different street vendors around the city decorated the cup holders inside the car.

"They say next week is gonna be around 6o." one says with a well earned NY accent.

"Well don't get your hopes up." says the other.
"Why you gotta be a debbie downer and rain on my parade?" they other says.

As this weather convo proceeded I just silently laughed in the background, thinking where they might be hiding the donuts. We continued to ride, sirens on and off, summons talk, clarified some doubts on using my puerto rican license to drive in NY, a call from one the officers mother's conversing about her trip to Florida. "

"If you have to leave, please lock the car and take the keys with you." The officer said, as he and his partner leave me alone to warm up in the cop car as they leave to speak to our 1st AD.
All of a sudden I had a crazy urge to just take the keys in the ignition, breaks off and just hit the accelerator and ram into something. You know, one of those of urges that are totally wrong but might feel pretty good, like that 7 year old kid that stole his is car from grandmother. " Maybe it is fun to do bad things after all.

ANYWAYS, after that little ride around town, I somehow ended up in the detective world, walking around, squad rooms, morgues and all the other fun stuff. Where props are badges, guns and making people look dead for the morgue at 3:00pm for Scene 001, is top priority. A well oiled machine that kicked my ass and kept me on my toes the whole week. I know, people say it's just a TV show, but like many other, i love this show. It's what made my parents and most people feel like NY is crazier than what it seems, not doubting that it's not at all, but giving it that extra "je ne se qua" to the city and its characters.

"People have been working on this forever, since the mothership."

It was like the 1st day of school. Old people, new kids on the block. Quite interesting to see. High expectations and some flying egos, but none the less, it's the show. My first day was like a complete mind fuck. I ran a photo shoot, helped out with 1st Team plus everything else. It was clear from that moment that I was in another world.

As they say, my rite of passage has begun.


Monday, February 7, 2011


Lets reflect on the month of January, shall we?

Lots of cakes and birthdays. :)
no work :(
cold again.
ocasional sun rays.
some more cold.

Now, it wasnt all bad. Just a tad slow.

February keeps on looking up, al though ocassional water comes down my eyelids, im looking forward to better and greater things. I believe in the chinese. They celebrate the year with confetti, bunny rabbits and a whole lot of dragons.

So, yeah.
February, bring-it-on!