Tuesday, November 30, 2010

g chat sessions: thanksgiving

This is the new way to spend the holidays.

Monday, November 29, 2010

brooklyn, penguins and confetti

Brooklyn is home. My roommates are my siblings. Getting things together and making some space for myself. It feels good to be here, things falling into place. Being a PA in NY is another thing, especially in winter.

The PA world is a culture. Kids that know kids type a thing. Where mass texting is the main via of communication and a fast response is the way to get a gig. Locking up Columbus Circle, Flat Iron Building and other intricate and busy parts of town are that are nearly impossible to keep lovely new yorkers and undoubtedly curious tourist from walking into frame. I guess thats what makes a good PA....being nice, precise, detailed and being able to control de masses. Maybe we should all have a little of a Moses parting of the seas complex, it would greatly benefit out job. But this is only a little part of our job. Paperwork, dealing with actors, stunts, cars and whatever we need to do to assist the production....we do it.

We get asked alot of crazy questions too.

Pedestrian: Are you the producer?

PA: Yes, in fact I am, cause the producer of this mayor motion picture with X movie star would be standing in a New York City street corner telling people they cant use this side walk....that exactly what a producer does.

Ignorance is bliss, right?

All in all, i love it. Being in the city early in the morning and seeing the sun come up and hit all these sky scrapers makes you feel like the city is yours. This I realized after my mentor, Jana pointed out for me, still, it's pretty fucking awesome. I mean, in only a month thanks to my job I've been able to feed and hangout out with real live penguins, played with fake snow, seen amazing views of the city through penthouse views of cool hotels and worked in museums next to great pieces of art.

I gotta thank certain peeps for keeping me in the loop. I don't think I would've gotten in this with out their help.

Getting to know people has been another thing. A little bit of everything is great. If you surround yourself with the people that really give a damn, honestly life can seem like a party.
Photographers, painters, animators, linguist/translators, musicians, graphic designers, yoga teachers, illustrators and fellow PA's and film people....it really keeps it interesting. I mean, these are just labels, I guess, but in the end i love them for the kind of people they are. Im glad that I've met them. This is shout out is for all of you.

I just gotta keep on going. After all Im still a work in progress.