Sunday, June 20, 2010

sometimes you have to take it in stride

After 3 weeks of crazy pre production, on friday we started shooting one of the 3 commercials and had a 30 hour shoot. Insane, yes..., but atleast we finished one commercial, now on to the next to on Tuesday...24 hour day anyone! It seems, at least for me, that when imcoodinating everything else in life stops, its all about work. It might just be that im starting out, but all my energy goes in to it. My boss has a family and a kid and more responsability in his does he do it. Juggle a family and being a Producer in a crazy pre pro week. I guess i will eventually master this way of life, not just the work aspect of it, but what comes with it. No sleep, no tv and not so much time with the people you love. Yet it seems that im not the only one, right? We all have to juggle things in life, find a balance, that's what its all about. Finding balance. Seeking and discovering. Big changes are to come and choices will be made, needs have to be met where the heart and the mind will meet once again and battle it out. Being a work in progress is a test each day.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

sleepless cinematic

Last week was crazy work week....still trying to catch up on my sleep. But, her are the 2 commercials i worked on as a Prod. Coordinator a couple of weeks ago. Currently working on a 3 commercial campaign, and im still recuping from the 24 shoot for these Centennial commercials. Really liked the Director's Cut on both of them, and glad to see one of my close friends has the principal of one of the spots. Things seem to be going in the right track, i just need to hold on tight and keep my feet firmly on the ground.

Will post video soon..but for now you can see them @ and search for Joel Perez Irrizary. The Centennial commercials are "Aeropuerto" & "Meeting".
Also check out 2 other commercials i worked as Prod. Coord. Cheez Whiz "Mom" & "Bday".

Let me know what you guys think.